Market News: Week of 8 May 2017



• Rounds- We continue to be in the transition from our southern Florida (Immokalee) fields to

the central Florida fields (Palmetto/Ruskin). Demand continues to be weak and supplies are

good. This situation is putting continued downward pressure on FOB prices for the extra-large

and large sizes. Medium size is tighter and FOB prices are a little higher this week. Quality

continues to be very good and should continue to be very good for the foreseeable future.

• Romas- Demand continues to be weak. FOB prices are slightly lower on extra-large and

medium sizes and steady on the large size. Quality this week is very good.

• Grapes- New and more supplies are causing FOB prices to fall again this week. Prices are down

a couple of dollars for the 12/1 pt. flats. Due to lack of supplies and quality in the west, a large

portion of the country continues to come to FL for supplies. Quality remains very good to


• Cherries- FOB prices remain steady this week. Quality remains very good.

• Weather forecast- Immokalee, FL: Partly cloudy to sunny skies for the rest of this week.

Highs each day will be in the mid to upper 80s. Lows at night in the mid-60s. Cloudy with a

good chance of rain early next week. Ruskin, FL: Partly cloudy to sunny into next week with

highs in the mid to upper 80s. Lows will run from the mid-60s.


• Rounds- Demand continues to be light. Crossings continue at Nogales, McAllen and Baja.

FOB prices remain at Suspension Agreement minimums. Quality is ok and sizing is on the

small side. We continue to use MX2-layers for the largest sizes and those FOB prices are lower

this week. The California crop should begin around June 10 with one grower. All growers

should be going around the first week of July. Vine ripes from Mexico remain plentiful with

poor demand.

• Romas- Nogales, Baja and McAllen crossings continue. After rising off the minimums for the

past two weeks, prices have returned to or close to minimums. Quality continues to be

variable and only mostly fair.

• Grapes- Quality continues to be suspect and variable this week. We are continuing to see a

wider-than-normal range in FOB prices which correspond to the quality. Many suppliers

continue to go east to find quality product. Prices are down this week.

• Cherries- New crossings from Baja are allowing some repackers this week not to have to go

east to meet demand. Supplies continue to be tight and FOB prices are higher for the new

quality product.

Green Bell Pepper

East- Supplies remain good. Plant City has begun to harvest. FOB prices are steady. Quality is very


West- Fewer supplies currently available but we expect volume to improve during the week. FOB prices

currently are generally steady on XL, higher on the X and steady to lower on the choice. Quality is good.

Red Bell Pepper

West- No report available this week.

Yellow Squash

East- Good supplies continue out of central FL. The south GA crop is also being harvested. FOB prices

are a little lower than they were at this time last week due to the increased supplies. Quality is generally


West- CA desert fields have begun to be harvested but supplies are still generally tight. We are seeing

downward pressure on FOB prices.

Green Squash

East- Good supplies and quality; weak demand. FOB prices remains generally steady on the fancy and

mediums. Prices are down on the large.

West- FOB prices are lower this week on both fancy and mediums. Quality is good.


East- FL fields continue to produce. FOB prices are generally steady to higher on the supers and select.

Quality is good.

West- Nogales crossing continue. Baja crossings have started. FOB prices are steady to lower compared

to last week.


East- FOB prices are generally lower on the fancy and steady to lower on the choice. Quality is good.

West- Nogales crossings continue and quality is good. FOB prices are down again this week.


East- FOB prices are slightly lower this week. Quality is good.

West- FOB prices are stronger this week. Quality is good.


East- FOB prices are lower than they were at this time last week due to steady supplies but weaker

demand due to the holiday pull ending. Quality is good.

West- Supplies are tighter and FOB prices are higher this week. Quality is variable. We look for the

desert fields to begin around the weekend.