Market Trends: Week of 27 March 2017

Note: Last week we reported that the quality of most dry vegetable commodities had suffered due to the
rains and high winds of previous weeks. Quality has improved for some commodities this week but is
still suspect and variable for others. Details, by commodity, are given below.



• Rounds- Quality has improved this week with the only issue we see is some occasional

softness. Overall, quality is very good to excellent. Demand still has not picked up as it

normally does this time of the year. Mexico continues to dictate market prices. FOB prices are

down this week for all sizes. If demand does not pick up and if we do not experience a weather

event, we expect prices to remain low for at least the next 3 to 4 weeks.

• Romas- FOB prices for romas also continue to trade within a narrow range and Mexico is

dictating this market also. FOB prices are generally steady with downward pressure this week.

We expect FOB prices to remain low and to trade within a narrow range. Like the rounds,

quality has improved this week and is very good to excellent.

• Grapes- Ample supplies are causing FOB prices to remain at rock-bottom levels. Quality is

variable but is generally very good.

• Cherries- FOB prices have fallen a couple of dollars again this week. Quality is better and is

generally very good.

• Weather forecast- Immokalee, FL: Mostly sunny skies into next week with little chance of rain.

Cool through Thursday and then warming near 80 over the weekend.


• Rounds- Demand continues to be light. Good volume continues to cross at Nogales but we

continue to see signs of a slight seasonal slowdown. Sizing is down. Crossings also continue

at McAllen. FOB prices remain at Suspension Agreement minimums. Quality continues to be

suspect and variable but we are seeing some signs of improvement. We expect the round

tomato market pricing to remain stable for the next several weeks.

• Romas- Nogales and McAllen crossings continue. FOB prices remain at Suspension Agreement

minimums for all sizes. Quality is variable.

• Grapes- Crossings primarily at Nogales. Quality is variable. Prices remain generally at

Suspension Agreement minimums.

• Cherries- Quality is suspect and variable this week. We are continuing to see a wider-thannormal

range in FOB prices which correspond to the quality. Overall, repackers are having to

pay higher FOB prices for quality product.

Green Bell Pepper

East- Quality continues to be variable but overall quality is a little better this week. FOB prices are

currently lower compared to last week.

West- FOB prices are generally steady and trading within a narrow range. The desert fields will be

starting soon.

Yellow Squash

East- Supplies and yields are still light due to pollination issues. However, a few more supplies are

currently available compared to last week and we forecast that supplies will continue to slowly increase

into next week. We continue to see a wider-than-normal variance in FOB pricing with the better quality

product demanding the higher prices. Compared to last week, FOB prices are lower. Quality overall is

slightly better as we get further removed from the adverse winds and rains of several weeks ago.

West- Quality remains fair this week. Supplies remain light but more supplies should be available soon

as we get into new desert fields. FOB prices will remain high until the new fields begin to produce.

Compared to last week FOB prices are steady to lower this week.

Green Squash

East- Supplies continue to be tight and we do not see the potential increase in supplies in the near

future as we do for the yellow squash. FOB prices remain high with some downward pressures. Quality

continues to be variable but is improving.

West- Quality remains variable. Slightly more supply is causing downward pressures on FOB prices.

Crossings primarily at Nogales.


East- Off-shore supplies still available and should continue for another 7-10 days. Quality is variable

and suspect as we come toward the end of the crop. The spring FL domestic crop continues to ramp up

and more supplies are available. The quality of the domestic product is better and is bringing a

premium FOB price compared to the off-shore product. The price for off-shore product has fallen from

last week whereas the prices for the higher quality domestic product has remained generally steady.

West- Nogales crossing continue. Baja crossings have begun in a light way but we do not expect those

crossings to get fully ramped up until the first of April. The market remains active with FOB prices

generally steady to lower from last week. Quality is variable.


East- FOB prices are generally steady with downward pressures. Still seeing some scarring but quality

overall is better.

West- FOB prices are generally steady this week with slight upward pressure. Nogales crossings

continue and quality is good.


East- FOB prices are steady this week. Supplies are a little stronger which should begin to put some

downward pressures on FOB prices.

West- FOB prices are down this week.


East- The market is currently steady from last week. We are expecting more supplies into the week

which should put downward pressures on FOB prices Quality remains good.

West- Acreage and yields are down causing a shortage in supplies. This continues to put upward

pressures on FOB prices. Quality remains suspect.