Market Trends: Week of 3 April 2017



• Rounds- We are entering into the spring gradual transition from our southern Florida

(Immokalee) fields to the central Florida fields (Palmetto/Ruskin). We reported last week that

sizing was toward the minimum side of specs and we expect this to continue during this

transition which will run for about three weeks. This will place a premium price on the larger

sized tomatoes. As is typical, yields are decreased in the older fields. As we move forward

through April, we expect yields to remain lower than they have been all winter due to less

acreage being planted for spring harvesting and some damage that has already occurred in

the new fields due to a freeze. FOB prices are up a couple of dollars for the larger sizes and less

than that for the smaller sizes. Quality remains very good and should remain very good for at

least the next couple of weeks.

• Romas- FOB prices are steady for the large and medium sizes and up slightly for the extra-large

size. Quality this week is very good.

• Grapes- FOB prices are up substantially this week as supplies are having trouble keeping up

with demand. This is the first week this has occurred all winter. Quality remains very good to


• Cherries- FOB prices are higher for cherries also. Prices have risen in the four dollar range from

last week. Quality is generally very good.

• Weather forecast- Immokalee, FL: Mostly sunny with highs near 90 through the weekend.

There is only a slight chance of showers each day.


• Rounds- Demand continues to be light. Good volume continues to cross at Nogales but we

continue to see signs of a slight seasonal slowdown. Crossings also continue at McAllen. FOB

prices remain at Suspension Agreement minimums. Quality and sizing continue to improve.

We expect Mexican fields to continue for about five more weeks. The California crop should

begin around June 10 with one grower. All growers should be going around the first week of

July. Wetter than normal conditions delayed some growers from their normal planting

schedule. Vine ripes from Mexico remain plentiful with poor demand. Prices remain at

Suspension Agreement minimums.

• Romas- Nogales and McAllen crossings continue. Baja crossing should start next week. FOB

prices remain at Suspension Agreement minimums for all sizes. Quality continues to be

variable but has improved.

• Grapes- Crossings primarily at Nogales. Quality is variable. Like in the east, prices are up

substantially over last week.

• Cherries- Quality continues to be suspect and variable this week. We are continuing to see a

wider-than-normal range in FOB prices which correspond to the quality. Overall, repackers are

having to pay higher FOB prices again this week for quality product.

Green Bell Pepper

East- Generally good supply. FOB prices are steady with slight downward pressure this week on all sizes

and grades. Quality is good.

West- Good supplies continue. FOB prices are steady to down slightly. Quality is generally good.

Red Bell Pepper

West- Supplies of field reds are tighter this week putting upward pressure on FOB prices. Quality is

generally good.

Yellow Squash

East- New supplies have caused FOB prices to drop again this week. We have begun to harvest fields in

Plant City. Quality continues to improve but winds have caused some scarring.

West- Increased supplies have also caused FOB prices to fall in the west. We expect the desert fields to

begin to be harvested starting next week.

Green Squash

East- Like the yellow, new fields have increased supply and quality. FOB prices are down again this


West- FOB prices are also down in the west. Quality continues to improve.


East- FOB prices are steady but we expect downward pressures as more volume is getting ramped up

from new Florida fields. Quality is good.

West- Nogales crossing continue. Baja crossings have started. The market remains active with FOB

prices generally steady to slightly higher from last week.


East- FOB prices for fancy are steady while the prices for choice are generally steady to down. Quality is

generally good.

West- Nogales crossings continue and quality is good.


East- FOB prices are steady to slightly higher this week. Quality is generally good.

West- FOB prices are slightly higher this week. Quality is good.


East- Supplies are up sharply causing a large drop in FOB prices this week. Yields are excellent and we

expect few changes through the third week of April.

West- Supplies remain tight in the west. This is causing FOB prices to remain generally steady but with

upward pressures. Quality is variable.