Market Trends: Week of 18 April 2016



·      Rounds- Supplies continue to increase and demand continues to be light.  This combination has caused FOB price to fall again this week.  The yield out of the Palmetto/Ruskin growing region continues to increase and will continue to do so for the next ten or so days.  Recent weather has been warm and sunny. The fruit on the vine is getting larger and we predict the prices for each size will converge in the next week or two.  Quality is generally good and continues to improve.


·      Romas- Like the rounds, yields from our roma fields have improved and sizing is larger.  FOB prices are down and quality is good and improving.  Enough supply is now available in the east to the point that repackers are not as depended on western romas to meet demand.


·      Grapes- Weak demand and an increase in supplies both in the east and west has put substantial downward pressure on FL FOB prices again this week.  Quality is generally good.


·      Cherries- Supplies remain tight and demand has increased which has caused FOB prices to be stronger this week.  Quality remains variable but is improving.


·      Weather forecast- Ruskin:  Partly cloudy skies most days for the next week with highs in the mid-80s and lows in the mid-60s.  A chance of storms on Thursday and Saturday.





·      Rounds- Vine-ripes continue to cross at McAllen and Nogales.  Sizing is much smaller and little large fruit is available.  Therefore, FOB prices have increased for the larger sizes and remain at or near minimums for the smaller sizes. Few mature greens of any size remain available and no larger sizes are available.  This sizing issue will probably continue for the next four or so weeks.  The next growing region to start will be Baja. 


·      Romas- Increased supplies from several growing regions coupled with light demand continues to keep FOB prices are at or near Suspension Agreement minimums.  Quality is improving.


·      Grapes- Supplies continue to increase and demand remains weak.  This situation has caused FOB prices continue to drop dramatically.  Quality continues to improve.


·      Cherries- Supply and demand continue in equilibrium and FOB prices are steady from last week. Quality remains variable but improving.




Green Bell Pepper


East- Increase supplies from Florida and especially from MX is causing FL FOB prices to fall this week.  We expect supplies from FL to continue to increase.  Quality has been generally good.


West- Demand is soft.  Supplies are plentiful from Nogales and from the desert.  The desert product is bringing higher FOB prices due to its better quality.



Yellow Squash


East- FOB prices remain at low levels.  We are seeing disease pressures in the Plant City fields due to all of the rain those fields experienced in the earlier part of the growing season.  


West- FOB prices are down slightly again this week.  Quality is variable but good quality can be found.  Crossings continue at Nogales.




Green Squash


East- FOB prices remain at low levels this week.  Quantity generally good.


West- Crossings continue at Nogales.  FOB prices remain at or close to floor levels. Quality remains generally good.


 Green Beans- Demand is moderate, supplies are good. Quality is excellent.




 East- Most Florida growers are in full production and supplies are strong.  FOB prices remain low.  Quality is generally good.


West- Product continues to cross at Nogales at good levels.  FOB prices are down on all sizes and grades. Baja has begun to harvest.  We expect FOB prices to remain low through April.






East- Supplies continue to be generally tight but a slight increase has put downward pressure on FOB prices.  Quality of eggplant remains generally good.


West- Supplies have increased slightly and FOB prices are lower.





East- More supplies are putting downward pressure on FOB prices.


West- FOB prices are down again this week as the northern production continues to increase.