Market Trends: Week of 30 May, 2016



Rounds- FOB prices remain depressed and have moved only within a narrow range over the past two weeks.  Prices are off of the floor from a couple of weeks ago but remain at low levels.  There is slight upward pressure on the smaller sizes. The Quincy growing region (northern FL) is expected to begin producing in a light way this Friday with more volume coming on next week.  Our SC fields should then begin right behind the Quincy fields with little or no gap so prices should remain depressed and stay within a narrow range unless an unseen weather event disrupts the supply chain.   Quality is excellent.

Romas- Strong supplies continue.  FOB prices are steady from last week at or near rock bottom. We are seeing slight downward pressure on the medium sized prices. Quality is excellent.

Grapes- FOB prices have bumped up somewhat (about $2 per 12/1pt flat) from last week but remain at bargain levels.  Quality is excellent.

Cherries- FOB prices are higher this week.  Quality is very good to excellent.

Weather forecast- Ruskin: Mostly sunny with highs near 90 and lows in the mid to upper 60s.


Vine-ripes continue to cross at Baja, McAllen and Nogales. Quality continues to be better out of Baja than Nogales.  Mature greens continue to be harvested. The CA growing regions have seen an unusual weather pattern for the past several weeks.  Unusual weekly storms are passing through the region bringing hail and high winds.  The last one to pass through was on Sunday.  Temperatures have been much cooler than normal.  We have seen some days with highs only in the 60s.  Quality is very good but we will keep an eye out to see if the current weather causes any quality or shelf-life issues.  FOB prices remain low.  We do not anticipate any gap in supplies while transitioning between growing regions.

Romas- Good supplies from several growing regions continue to keep FOB prices at or near Suspension Agreement minimums.  Quality is very good.

Grapes- Good supplies out of Nogales and Baja are keeping the FOB prices of grapes at low levels. The quantity and quality of the fruit crossing at Nogales is not as good as that crossing from Baja.  The better quality fruit is bringing higher FOB prices.

Cherries- Supplies in the west remain relatively tight.  Some suppliers continue to go east to meet demand.  Quality is generally less than good.


Green Bell Pepper

East- FL is beginning to wind down and now southern GA is the major growing region.  The new crop in GA is bringing higher FOB prices than the older FL crop.  Quality is very good out of GA.

West- Supplies continue out of Nogales and the desert.  The quality out of the desert is better and bringing higher FOB prices than the product out of Nogales.  We expect to start harvesting the Bakersfield fields in the next two weeks.  We may see FOB prices rise until those fields start producing.  Quality is variable.


Yellow Squash

East- FOB prices remain at low levels but we are seeing some upward pressure.  Quality remains variable but generally good.

West- FOB prices remain at low levels but with upward pressure. Quality is variable.


Green Squash

East- FOB prices remain at low levels this week with continued downward pressure.  Quality is generally very good.

West- FOB prices generally steady this week but we do see some downward pressure.  Quality remains variable.

Green Beans - Market moved up a couple dollars this week, however quality and supply is good.

Cucumbers- East- FOB prices are lower this week. Quality remains generally good. Mainly sourcing out of south GA.

West- Product continues to cross at Nogales and Baja at good levels.  FOB prices remain at low levels with continued downward pressure.



East- FOB prices are seeing downward pressure.  Quality of eggplant is very good to excellent.

West- Higher FOB prices are being seen as we enter into a small gap situation.  Nogales and the desert are winding down.  The Fresno region is forecasted to begin around 6/5.



East- FOB prices are generally steady to lower this week.  Quality is very good.

West- FOB prices are generally steady to lower this week.  Quality is very good.