Market Trends: Week of 13 June, 2016



Rounds- Tropical Storm Colin has brought heavy rains and wind into all the tomato growing regions this week and will keep fields from being harvested until today.  The Central FL region is all but finished.  The growing region now spreads from the panhandle of FL up through the coastal region of SC.  The inland SC region will start up during the last week of this month.  As a result of the rains and the inability to harvest for several days, supplies are short and FOB prices are up $5-$6 on all sizes.  We expect this to be only a temporary spike and FOB prices should fall as more supplies become available.  However, we may not see the rock bottom prices that were prevalent several weeks ago.  Quality right now is still good but we will keep a close eye on it as we get into the fields after the rains and wind as quality and shelf-life often become suspect after such storms.

Romas- FOB prices are slightly higher on the larger sizes and moderately higher on the smaller sizes. Like rounds, quality continues to be very good but we will keep an eye on it after the rains.

Grapes- FOB prices remain generally steady this week with upward pressure.  Quality is very good.

Cherries- FOB prices remain generally steady this week.  Quality is very good.

Weather forecast- Beaufort, SC:  Little chance of rain for the remainder of the week with mostly sunny skies.  Highs will be near 90 and lows in the low to mid 70s.


Rounds- Vine-ripes continue to cross at Baja, McAllen and Nogales. Quality continues to be better out of Baja than Nogales.  Enough mature greens are now being harvested out of CA to meet more of the western demand.  By next week, most all mature green growers will be in production.  FOB prices remain low but upward pressure is being exerted.  

Romas- Supplies continue to be good and FOB prices remain low but we continue to see some FOB prices above Suspension Agreement minimums, especially for the larger sizes.  Quality is very good.

Grapes- Supplies continue out of Nogales and Baja. We are seeing a wider range in quality.  The better quality fruit is bringing higher FOB prices.

Cherries- FOB prices generally steady with upward pressure.  Quality is only fair. 


Note:  See comments concerning Tropical Storm Colin in the eastern round tomato section above.  Most of these eastern dry vegetable commodities were also in the path of the storm.  The rain and wind will have different effect on quality depending on the sensitivity of the commodity and the geographical range that it is currently being grown.


Green Bell Pepper

East- Pepper is now being grown from south GA to NC. The various regions are supplying enough product to keep FOB prices steady to even lower.  Quality is currently very good but we will see how the storm effects quality.

West- Supplies continue out of Nogales and the desert but the desert region is ending.  All Bakersfield fields should be in production by next week.  FOB prices are generally stable.  Quality is variable.


Yellow Squash

East- FOB prices remain at relatively low levels but we see upward pressure.  Quality is more variable as yellow squash is very susceptible to adverse weather.

West- FOB prices are steady to lower this week. Supplies are coming from Santa Maria.  Quality is variable.


Green Squash

East- FOB prices remain at low levels this week with slight downward pressure.  Quality is generally good.  We continue to harvest fields in GA and eastern NC.

West- FOB prices generally steady this week but we do see some downward pressure. Supplies are coming from Santa Maria fields.  Quality remains variable.

Green Beans East Coast price remains steady no change from last week. Quality still good coming out of Georgia.

Cucumbers- East- FOB prices are generally steady. Quality remains generally good.

West- Product continues to cross at Nogales and Baja.  FOB prices remain at low levels but with downward pressure.



East- FOB prices are seeing downward pressure.  Quality of eggplant is very good but we will see how quality and shelf-life are affected by the storm.

West- FOB prices are slightly lower this week as more supplies are available from the Fresno region.



East- FOB prices are generally lower this week.  Quality is good.