Market Trends: Week of 04 July, 2016



Rounds- FOB prices remain steady with downward pressure for all sizes from last week’s levels.  Supplies continue to be available from several areas.  The northern FL, GA and coastal SC fields will be wrapping up this week.  AL and AR fields have started producing.  Our suppliers are scheduled to begin harvesting their western SC fields this Friday and their western NC fields should begin shortly thereafter.  The TN mountain fields are scheduled to begin the week of July 4.  Finally, VA eastern shore fields should start producing in a light way around the middle of July.  Once these fields begin producing there will be several starts and stops due to the fact that several plantings had to be delayed due to rains earlier this spring.  Nevertheless, there should be plenty of supplies around to meet the weak demand we have been seeing much of this year.  Quality is good.

Romas- Good supplies continue to put downward pressures on already low FOB prices for all sizes.  Quality continues to be good.

Grapes- FOB prices remain low but stronger demand has caused prices to get up off the floor this week.  We do not expect prices to continue to rise in the near future.  Quality is very good.

Cherries- FOB prices for cherry tomatoes are also off the floor this week but remain very low.  Like the grapes, we do not see much additional upward pressure on cherries. Quality is good.

Weather forecast- NC/TN Mountains:  A good chance of storms on Wednesday and over the weekend.  Highs will be in the lower to mid-80s and lows will be in the 60s. Western SC:  Mostly sunny with highs near 90.   Little chance of storms until the weekend.


Rounds- Vine-ripes continue to cross at Baja and McAllen.  All CA mature green growers are now harvesting.  Supplies are good and demand continues to remain light causing FOB prices to drift lower on all sizes. However, the recent high temperatures have caused the quality of the mature greens to be fair at best due to softness and bruising.   

Romas- Supplies continue to be good out of Baja and FOB prices remain generally steady from last week. The size of romas are running smaller this week.  CA growers continue to pick their fields this week. Quality is good.  We expect volume out of Baja to continue strong for two more weeks and then volume should start to drop off which may but upward pressure on FOB prices.

Grapes- Supplies continue mainly out of Baja. We continue to see a wide range in quality.  FOB prices are variable (depending on quality) and generally steady from last week.  McAllen supplies are dwindling. 

Cherries- FOB prices generally steady at or near the Suspension Agreement minimums.  Quality is fair to good.


Green Bell Pepper

East- The GA crop is rapidly winding down and quality is suspect.  The NC crop continues in full production. We are seeing downward pressure on FOB prices on all sizes.  However, the FOB prices of the choice grade is higher.  Quality out of  NC fields is good.

West- Bakersfield is winding down with light volume due to the high temperatures.  The Fresno growing region is now in production.  Currently, FOB prices remain generally steady from last week.  Quality is variable.


Yellow Squash

East- Supplies are stronger as more growers come on-line.  FOB prices are responding.  Sourcing primarily from SC and NC.  Quality is variable but continues to improve.

West- More supplies are also available in the west. Supplies are coming from Santa Maria and Eastern Washington.  Quality is variable but improving. FOB prices are lower in the west also.


Green Squash

East- Stronger supplies are pushing FOB prices lower on all grades and sizes.  Our growers continue to harvest fields in SC, NC and the Northeast.

West- FOB prices are lower this week due to stronger supplies. Supplies are coming from Santa Maria and Washington fields.  Quality remains variable but is improving.



East- Supplies are a little tighter and we are seeing a wide range of quality and FOB prices.  Better quality is bringing higher prices.  We look for increased supplies after the holiday as Michigan and NJ start.  This increase in supplies should put downward pressure on FOB prices.

West- Product continues to cross at Nogales and Baja but Nogales is at the end of its crop.  There is downward pressure on FOB prices as a few more growers have begun out of Baja.



East- Plentiful supplies continue to put downward pressure on FOB prices.  Quality of eggplant is very good.

West- FOB prices are lower this week.  Supplies are coming primarily from the Fresno fields.



East- FOB prices are higher again this week and we continue to see quality issues out of the GA fields.

West- FOB prices are higher this week.  Quality is good.