Market Trends: Week of 25 July, 2016

Week of July 25,2016



Rounds- Supplies in the east continue to be fragmented and light. This year the growers are 10-12 days behind schedule and are selling out daily. FOB prices are higher on all sizes compared to last week. The quality is not as good as it has been the past several weeks and is now only fair to good. The east continues to have to go west to meet demand. AL, AK, SC and NC fields are producing. The eastern shore of VA have also started to be harvested in a light way.

Romas- Like the rounds, roma supplies are light and fragmented in the east. Quality is variable. FOB prices are higher on all sizes.

Grapes- More supplies are being harvested from the VA eastern shore fields. The fields in the NC mountains continue to produce. FOB prices are lower compared to last week. Quality is good.

Cherries- Supplies continue to be light and FOB prices are steady from last week. Quality is good.

• Weather forecast- NC/TN Mountains: Partly cloudy and hot through early next week with highs near 90. Lows will be generally in the upper 60s. A chance of storms everyday with the chances increasing toward the end of the weekend and into next week. Western SC: Partly cloudy and hot with highs in mid 90s to 100 degrees. A good chance of storms everyday through the weekend.


Rounds- Vine-ripes continue to cross at Baja and McAllen. CA mature green growers continue to harvest. Quality of the mature greens continue to deteriorate and is only fair best. Shrinkage at the repack level sometimes is reaching 50%. There is a wider than normal range in FOB prices corresponding to the quality being sold.

Romas- Supplies continue to come out of Baja and CA. We continue to see strong demand. Like the rounds, quality is not as good as it has been and is much more variable. There is a wide than normal range in FOB prices but they will be generally unchanged from last week.

Grapes- Supplies continue mainly out of Baja with more volume. We continue to see a wide range in quality. FOB prices are variable (depending on quality) but are moderately down from last week.

Cherries- FOB prices are steady to down slightly from last week. Quality is fair to good.

Green Bell Pepper

East- More supplies are available this week and MI will be starting by the end of the week. FOB prices are moderately to sharply down on all sizes and grades. Quality is generally very good.

West- It is a different story in the west as we are about one week away from additional supplies. FOB prices are generally steady this week compared to last week.

Yellow Squash

East- Supplies and demand remain steady from last week. FOB prices are general steady with downward pressure on the fancy grade and upward pressure on mediums. Quality is generally good.

West- More supplies are available in the west. Supplies are coming from Santa Maria and Eastern Washington. Quality is variable but continues to improve. FOB prices are lower in the west compared to last week.

Green Beans - Beans are being harvested on VA Eastern Shore and Central New York. Quality and supplies remain good with prices at the lower end.

Green Squash -East- Strong supplies continue and FOB prices are generally steady with downward pressure on both grades. We continue to harvest fields in SC, NC and the Northeast. Some growers in MI have stopped harvesting their fields due to low market prices. Quality is very good.

West- FOB prices are lower again this week due to stronger supplies. Supplies are coming from Santa Maria and Washington fields. Quality continues to improve.

Cucumbers- East- More growing regions are coming on line. MI, NY and NJ are seeing strong supplies. This increase in supplies has put downward pressure on FOB prices again this week.

West- There is downward pressure (though not as strong as in the east) on FOB prices as more growers have begun out of Baja.


East- The market is active with upward pressure on FOB prices. Quality of eggplant is very good.

West- FOB prices are generally steady this week. Quality is good.


East- FOB prices are steady this week. Quality continues to be generally good