Market Trends: Week of 22 August, 2016



• Rounds- Supplies in the east are even lighter this week and continue to be fragmented.  The hot and rainy weather has caused volume and quality to be spotty.  Demand remains weak but there are some signs of strengthening. We are seeing a spread of FOB prices that correspond with the quality.  FOB prices for 5x6s will remain generally steady from last week with the smaller sizes bringing higher prices. AL, AK, VA, SC, MI, NJ and NC fields continue to produce to some degree with various levels of quality.  

• Romas- Like the rounds, roma supplies are light and fragmented with a wide range in quality.  There is a wider than normal range in FOB prices and those prices correspond with the quality.  Pricing will remain generally steady from last week on all sizes.

• Grapes- Supplies continue to be harvested from  NC and VA eastern shore fields.  FOB prices are generally steady with upward pressure this week and quality continues to be good.

• Cherries- Supplies and demand continue to be generally light.  FOB prices are up slightly compared to last week. Quality is good.

• Weather forecast- NC/TN Mountains: Mostly cloudy with a good chance of storms continuing this week and into the weekend. Daytime highs in the mid-80s through early next week.  Lows will be generally in the mid-60s. Western SC:  Partly cloudy with a good chance of storms through the weekend.  Daytime highs will be near 90 each day.  


• Rounds- Vine-ripes continue to cross primarily at Baja and McAllen. A few vine ripes have also begun to cross at Nogales. CA mature-green growers continue to harvest.  Supplies continue to be light with a wide range in quality.  The better quality fruit is demanding the higher FOB prices and will be a couple of dollars higher than last week. Quality and shelf-life are variable.

• Romas- Supplies continue to come out of Baja, McAllen and CA. And like the rounds, quality is extremely variable which is causing a wider than normal range in FOB prices. Prices on quality fruit are up on all sizes this week.

• Grapes- Product continue to cross mainly out of Baja.  Supplies are lighter this week with a wider range in quality and FOB prices. FOB prices depend on quality and are higher this week.

• Cherries- Supplies continue to be light and prices are up slightly from last week.  Quality is fair to good.


Green Bell Pepper

East- Growing regions of TN, NC and MI have received much rain this week.  Fields in MI received 2-7 inches yesterday.  FOB prices are steady to slightly higher thus far this week and quality is generally good but becoming more variable.

West- Supplies continue to be weak but demand is even weaker.  FOB prices are down again on all sizes and grades compared to last week.


Yellow Squash

East- FOB prices are steady this week as the growing regions remain fragmented.  Quality is not near as good as in the past several weeks due to the amount of rain and heat the fields have received.

West- A wider range in FOB prices have developed due to the wider range in quality.  Prices are steady to up depending on quality.


Green Squash

East- FOB prices are generally steady this week on both grades.  We continue to harvest fields in NC, MI and the Northeast.

West- FOB prices are generally steady on fancy grade and steady to up on the medium. Supplies are coming from Santa Maria and Washington fields. Quality is good but becoming more variable.


Green Beans

No change from last week, supplies good coming out of New York.



East- Supplies coming mainly from MI. Demand continues to be sluggish.  We are seeing some quality issues due to the weather.  FOB prices are generally steady this week on all sizes and grades.

West- Supplies crossing mainly from Baja and quality is extremely variable. FOB prices are generally steady. Demand continues to be weak. We expect supplies to remain tight and FOB prices to remain generally steady for the next 10 days to 2 weeks at which time new fields will come into production.



East- MI is the main source this week.  FOB prices are higher on all sizes and grades.

West- FOB prices are steady to down again this week.  Quality is good.



East- FOB prices are seeing downward pressure this week.  Quality continues to be generally good.