Market Trends: Week ofDecember 26th, 2016



  • Rounds- Good weather and good production continues from our Central and Southern FL fields.  The quality of the fruit remains mostly excellent.  As reported the last couple of weeks, western customers are coming east to meet much of their demand.  Although improved, sizing remains on the smaller side of specs.  FOB’s for ex-large remains unchanged from last week while the cost of large and medium sizes have fallen slightly.  The weather forecast continues to be favorable and we do not see anything on the horizon to adversely affect pricing or quality.
  • Romas- Sizing is even more critical with romas than it is with the rounds.  FOB prices for the ex-large and large remain mostly unchanged while the price of mediums have fallen due increased supplies of that size.  Quality continues to be very good.
  • Grapes- The supply and demand for grape tomatoes are in equilibrium and therefore FOB prices are generally steady from last week.  We are seeing some downward pressures.  Quality is very good.
  • Cherries- Supplies and quality remain good.  Prices remain generally steady from last week with some downward pressure.
  • Weather forecasts- Ruskin, FL:  Partly cloudy skies with highs in the mid-70s until Saturday.  Warmer temperatures over the weekend with highs in the low to mid-80s.  First chance of rain is Sunday.  Immokalee, FL:  Partly cloudy skies with highs in the low to mid 80s into next week.  Little chance of rain through the period.



  • Rounds- Mature greens remain largely unavailable out of the west. It is still a week or two away before the Culiacan crop is available. Repackers are having to use Mexican vine-ripes and go to FL to meet their needs.  Mexico is entering into the winter transition period as Baja is winding down while Nogales is starting up and is not yet at full production. We expect volume out of MX to continue to be weak until late December or early January. Vine-ripes are also currently crossing at McAllen.  Quality is variable.
  • Romas- Baja, Nogales and McAllen crossings continue.  Quality continues to be extremely variable with FOB’s of the better quality product slightly higher this week compared to last week.
  • Grapes- Crossings primarily from Baja and Nogales.  Supplies and demand remain light with a wide range of quality (mainly splits) and FOB prices.  Many western repackers continue to go east to meet demand and for quality.
  • Cherries- Like grape tomatoes, the supply of cherries remain tight and there continues to be a wide range in quality.  Many western repackers continue to go east to meet demand and for quality.    



Green Bell Pepper

East- Product remains plentiful this week.   This should be the last week for the GA crop. Demand is weak.  FOB prices remain generally steady with continued downward pressure. Overall, quality is good.

West- More supplies continue to cross at Nogales and the desert is still harvesting.  FOB prices are generally steady. Quality is good.


Yellow Squash

East- Good growing weather has increased yields.  FOB prices are slightly lower again this week.  Quality continues to be variable as it has been most of the fall.

West- Crossings continue to increase at Nogales.  FOB prices are down again this week.  Quality is good.


Green Squash

East- FOB prices are generally steady on both sizes.  Quality continues to be good. 

West- FOB prices are generally steady this week on mediums and are down on fancy.  Crossings at Baja and Nogales.  Quality is good.



East- Harvesting continues but is winding down in FL.  Off-shore volume is increasing causing FOB prices for all grades and sizes to fall. Quality is generally good.

West- Baja crossings are practically over.  Nogales crossing continue.  Market has been active but current pricing is steady with downward pressure compared to last week. Currently, the quality through Nogales remains very good.



East- FOB prices are lower again this week on both grades. Quality is good.

West- FOB prices are lower this week.  Nogales crossings continue and quality is good.



East- FOB prices are stronger this week. Quality is good. 

West- FOB prices are generally steady this week.  Quality is good.



East- FL lake supplies continue.  Good demand is putting upward pressures on FOB prices.  Quality is good.

West- Supplies continue to be good. FOB prices are generally steady to higher this week.