Market Trends: Week of March 6th, 2017



• Rounds- Demand is a little stronger this week. Supplies remain good. Quality

remains good. In the next few weeks we are expecting to see a slight downtick in

yields due to winds resulting from the only cold front this entire winter that came

through the growing region several weeks ago. Mexico continues to dictate market

prices and those prices remain at Suspension Agreement Minimums. FOB prices in

the east remain within a narrow range with slight upward pressures. We expect prices

to remain low and to continue to trade in a narrow range for at least the first half of

March barring a major weather event.

Romas- FOB prices for romas also continue to trade within a narrow range and

Mexico is dictating this market also. FOB prices are up this week on all sizes but

remain at very low levels. We expect FOB prices to remain low and to trade within a

narrow range. Quality continues to be very good.

Grapes- Ample supplies are causing FOB prices to fall even further this week. Quality

remains very good.

Cherries- Prices remains steady compared to the past several weeks. Quality remains

very good.

• Weather forecast- Immokalee, FL: Cloudy with afternoon showers likely Wednesday
and Thursday. Highs will be in the mid to upper 80s. It will be mostly sunny but cooler
over the weekend with highs near 80.


Rounds- Demand continues to be light. Good volume continues to cross at Nogales

but we continue to see signs of a slight seasonal slowdown. Crossings also continue at

McAllen. FOB prices remain at Suspension Agreement minimums. Quality has been

suspect and variable this week but we are beginning to see some improvement. We

expect the round tomato market to remain relatively stable for at least the next several


Romas- Nogales and McAllen crossings continue. Open field growers have largely

wound down while shade growers continue strong. Quality is good. FOB prices

remain at Suspension Agreement minimums for all sizes. Prices should remain steady

for the foreseeable future.

Grapes- Crossings primarily at Nogales. Quality is variable. Prices generally at

Suspension Agreement minimums.

Cherries- Quality is more suspect and variable this week. We are seeing decay, skin

check and SDA (sunken, discolored areas). We are continuing to see a wider-thannormal

range in FOB prices which correspond to the quality. Overall, FOB prices are

lower this week.

Green Bell Pepper

East- Better supplies in both the east and west have caused pepper FOB prices to fall

on all sizes and grades. Quality continues to be good.

West- New supplies have caused FOB prices to fall sharply this week. Quality is good.

Yellow Squash

East- Prior rain and winds have decreased the supply and quality. Supplies will not

meet demand. FOB prices are up sharply. A similar shortage in the west give

suppliers few options. We expect the market to remain active for at least a couple of


West- Quality is much poorer this week. Supplies are very light. FOB prices are

higher. It will not be before the middle of March before new fields start producing.

Green Squash

East- Similar story as the yellow squash: fewer supplies, poorer quality and higher

FOB prices. Large size is also tighter with higher FOB prices.

West- FOB prices are up strongly this week for all grades and sizes as supplies are

down and quality is suspect. Crossings primarily at Nogales.


East- Off-shore supplies continue. FOB prices are currently down slightly compared to

last week but are expected to get stronger as we head into the weekend. Quality of

the off-shore product remains variable.

West- Nogales crossing continue. FOB prices for supers are down while selects are

generally steady. Currently, the quality through Nogales remains good.


East- FOB prices are generally lower for fancy and choice. Quality is good.

West- FOB prices are lower again this week. Nogales crossings continue and quality is



East- FOB prices are steady to lower this week. Quality is good.

West- FOB prices are steady with upward pressures this week. Quality is good.


East- Supplies have decreased as a result of the bloom drop that occurred in January.

FOB prices are steady to higher with continued upward pressures.

West- New supplies have caused FOB prices to fall. However, demand has also

increased as a larger portion of the country is now looking to MX to supply their

needs. The level of increased demand will determine how low the FOB prices will fall

this week