Market Report: Week of August 17, 2017



• Rounds- Supplies from VA, NC, & TN are lighter than usual, however, FOB prices remain

steady on all sizes. Note in the weather forecast, more rain showers are expected in the east.

Quality is generally good considering the amount of rain, but we are still seeing a few issues in

the form of short shelf life. Therefore, we continue to recommend keeping inventory tight.

• Romas- Demand is fairly moderate and supplies coming from NC, VA, TN & MI are steady.

Prices are down slightly, about $1.00 on all sizes. Quality is still spotty coming from all growing

areas due to rainy conditions and warm temperatures.

• Grapes- FOB prices are stable as supply and demand remain in equilibrium. There is a slight

spread in prices, especially in bulk, which correlates to the quality available in the market

place. Better quality is demanding a higher FOB.

• Cherries- Steady supply, demand coming from the east are resulting in a steady FOB price.

Quality overall is good, however, at times can show a little shorter shelf life than expected due

to rain.


• Rounds- The western market is proving to be active this week due to less volume available.

Because eastern supplies are limited as well, some eastern demand is turning to the west to fill

the void, putting pressure on the western supplies and prices. Jumbo and XL supplies are very

short, large size supply is a little tight, and medium supplies are moderately available. Jumbo

and extra-large sizes are up about $2.00, large is up about $1.00 and mediums stay relatively

flat. Note temperatures remain high which is resulting in quality concerns in the form of soft

and tender fruit. We recommend to keep inventory tight as shelf life is very suspect.

• Romas- FOB prices push back up a few dollars as supplies remain short from the west. Four

CA shippers are not harvesting fruit, putting high pressure on Baja, with already light volume,

to fill the supply chain. There is a extensive spread in FOB prices due to the wide range in

quality coming from the region. Expect to pay a higher price for the better quality.

• Grapes- Bulk FOBs are seeing upward pressure as supplies tighten up, while pints are

relatively flat. Expect the market to strengthen again over the next 7 days due to less volume

available. Quality is good considering the heat in the growing regions, however, shelf life is still

questionable. Therefore, we recommend keeping a close inventory.

• Cherries- FOBs are slightly up again, about $1.00. Supply from the west is light, therefore,

some western and central area demand is turning to the east to fill needs.

NOTE: All the eastern growing regions continue to experience rain in the form of heavy

afternoon thunderstorms. The weather forecast calls for additional rains this week for all

growing regions. This type of weather almost always causes less than ideal quality and

suspect shelf-life. Therefore, we suggest that dry vegetable inventories be kept as tight as

possible until we work through this product.

Green Bell Pepper

East- Steady FOBs on all sizes as NC, NJ, and MI all are harvesting good supplies. Quality is

generally good, however, some concerns still due to rain and heat.

West- Steady FOBs on all sizes as good supplies come from the Stockton and coastal region.

Quality is good.

Red Bell Pepper

West- No change in FOBs as the transition continues for about another 7-10 days. Overall

quality is good, however, some green coloring can be apparent on the pepper at times.

Yellow Squash

East- Quality is fair from all regions in the east. Scarring and short shelf life are a serious

struggle due to the heavy rains. As supplies are tightening up, we are seeing some upward pressure on FOBs.

West- Quality is fair to good in the west. Scarring is the biggest concern with some bruising

apparent. FOBs are slightly up.

Green Squash

East- Weather concerns are driving FOBs upward subtly. Supply is a little more available than

yellow squash and quality is fair to good.

West- We are seeing some upward pressure on prices as the supply tightens up slightly.

Quality is generally good, however some issues are present in the form of scarring and shelf life.


East- MI & NC are still harvesting good supplies, however, the market has slightly

strengthened. Quality is good, but we still highly recommend a tight inventory due to rainfall.

West- Slight upward pressure on FOBs is evident, but overall quality and supplies are steady.


East- MI is producing good supplies and quality which is resulting in a steady market.

West-The market is steady from Stockton and Fresno. Some quality issues are showing from



East- Steady pricing and quality from the east.

West- FOB prices are slightly down as supplies increase a bit. Quality overall is good.


East- No changes to pricing as good supplies continue to come from MI, IN, & NY. Some

quality problems might show due to rainfall, but overall quality is good.