Market Trends: Week of November 4th, 2018





Most if not all supplier opertaions have finished in Quincy, FL/ Georgia areas. The Palmeto crop has started harvesting this week which has helped the recently rising market. The usual low teilds for the season could stay that way for the next 10-15 days.


·      Rounds - Round tomatoes are steady and projected to slowly improve through the beginning of November.

·      Romas  - Roma tomatoes remain extremely limited in the east with nearly all demand remaining on California and Mexico until Florida comes into promotable volume in the second half of November

·      Grapes & Cherries - Grape and Cherry tomato volumes are increasing in central Florida helping to curb the recent rising markets stabilizing price this week. Quality is mostly good and supply is expected to continue improving through the rest of the month.




·      Rounds- Round tomato prices in California have begun to ease as Florida begins their winter season, however, supplies continue to contract as they near the end of the season

·      Romas- There is currently decent production of Roma tomatoes, but the demand is particularly heavy due to limited crossings from Mexico. Mexico has endured weeks of rain and currently assessing damage from Hurricane systems Rosa, Sergio, and now Willa, reducing crossings at the border.

·      Grapes & Cherries - Different grape varieties are beginning to improve this week, helping to increase the volume at crossing into the beginning of November. Both Baja and the east are in very short supply on Roma, grape and cherry tomatoes now and the market is expected to stay active on these items heading into the beginning of November until farming operations can recover.


Green Bell Pepper    

Green Bell Peppers supply is starting to turn around with better production numbers coming out of Georgia and Florida. The volume coming from Florida is mostly smaller peppers with lowers yields with fair quality. Georgia has started with a few fields that were planted late in the season due to wet conditions, and is better quality. Hurricane Michael impacted fields which will be felt for the remainder of the season. Supplies out of Fresno should end this week. Grower/Shippers now harvesting moderate to good volume out of the Coachella Valley. Price should remain steady through the remainder of the week in the teens for a choice grade pepper and low to mid 20’s on #1 pepper. Light supplies available through Nogales. Green bell peppers from Mexico are also available to load in McAllen, TX.


Red Bell Pepper

Light supplies of Red Bells are starting harvest in Fresno and coastal areas. California Growers are getting ready to make transition to the Coachella Valley by the last week in October, moving into November with good volume expected by Mid- November. Hothouse Red bells are also available to load out of San Diego, from Baja growing district. Volume out of Baja has started to decrease as we move out of October and into November. Few hothouse red bells are crossing through Nogales From Jalisco, Mexico. The quality of the peppers in all districts remains good. Pricing has remained steady on #1 and choice grade peppers. Supply meets demand. Red peppers are currently shipping from San Diego, Fresno. Hothouse red bells from Mexico are also available to load in McAllen, TX and Nogales, AZ.



Yellow Squash / Zucchini

The marketing is starting to ease up with supplies increasing in Florida and Mexico in the coming weeks. The California Season is coming to an end with supplies decreasing and quality fair. Mexico quality thus far is the best while MFC squash is now available.



Prices have began to stabilize while stocks are at best in Western Mexico while the Baja season has ended.  Wet weather continues to hurt volumes on the East Coast with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Quality ranges from good to very good while skins are smooth and textures are firm. MFC Cucumbers are becoming available. Prices in Mexico are low while GA is a bit higher with lower quality.



East- Supplies are tight but constant, with production slowing down due to colder weather. Georgia is currently the major supplier in the east with light supplies coming from South Carolina and Northern Florida. Quality and demand are both good, which is keeping the market very strong on number 1’s. There is a wide range of prices due to growers packing heavier to choose products.

West - Light volumes coming out of Fresno. Quality issues are being reported due to miss shaped and scared, but overall the quality is still solid. Eggplant out of Fresno could end as soon as next week. With California crop finishing up, markets and pricing could begin to rise.



Light supplies still available from Baja California, in San Diego and Los Angeles from Santa Maria. Light supplies of Jalapeño being harvested from both growing regions. The quality of the pepper is fair at best out of both regions. Nogales still receiving very light numbers this week. The market is high and along with pricing, and should remain high for the next 2 week until Nogales starts to see better numbers. Currently, supplies meet demand. Jalapeños are also available to load in McAllen, TX.



ACT OF GOD: Supplies on Green Beans is still very short I the aftermath of hurricane Michael direct impact on Georgia’s new crop. Both Hurricane Michael and Florence hurt the NC & SC green bean market and Florida is still another week out from production. FOB’s will remain high until then.  California supplier continues with poor quality from the central valley and coastal CA are keeping FOB’s high.