Market Trends: Week of 23 November 2015



Rounds- The Palmetto/Ruskin fields are in full production.  FOB prices have fallen by several dollars again this week on all sizes.  Quality continues to be good.

Romas- Roma supplies continue to be extremely tight in the west which is putting pressure on the tight supplies in the east.  FOB prices are therefore seeing upward pressure.  Quality in the east is good.

Grapes- FOB prices are generally steady on bulk while the pints are seeing some downward pressure.  Quality is good.  

Cherries- Supplies remain generally tight.  Quality is variable with the best quality bringing a premium.  FOB prices for quality cherries are seeing upward pressures.

Weather forecast- Palmetto/Ruskin- Daytime highs will be in the 80s with lows near 70.  Skies will be mostly cloudy with a good chance of storms through the weekend.  Immokalee- Cloudy skies with a good chance of storms through the weekend.  High near 90 tomorrow falling to the upper 70s by Sunday.  Lows will be near 70 in the middle of the week falling to the low 60s by Sunday night.



Rounds- CA growers have finished for the season.  The West is going to Florida to meet their demand for mature greens.  Vine-ripes continue to cross at Otay Mesa, McAllen and Nogales.  Cooler than normal weather has caused yields to suffer and volume at all crossings points is generally light.

Romas- The cool weather has cut severely into Baja crossings and supplies are extremely tight at all crossing points.  Volume is so light that no USDA quote is given and most suppliers are going east to meet demand.

Grapes- We are still seeing a very wide range in quality.  Grapes are crossing at Baja and Nogales but most re-packers are sourcing out of Florida due to pricing and quality issues.

Cherries- Limited supplies continue and there continues to be a wide range of prices due to a wide range of quality.  But like the grape tomatoes, most re-packers are sourcing out of Florida due to pricing and quality issues.  


Beans, Green

Supplies in California are all about  one for the season. This means Georgia is the area supporting most of the country, this being said demand is up causing the market to react (Beans are big menu item for Thanksgiving Day) . No issues in quality.


Green Bell Pepper

East- Demand is strong.  The GA crop has finished up.  The quality of our Immokalee crop is good.  FOB prices are higher on all sizes and grades.
West- FOB prices are higher this week compared to last week on all grades and sizes. 

Yellow Squash

East- FOB prices are stronger this week on both medium and fancy grades.  Quality continues to be good.
West- Crossings continue at Nogales.  FOB prices much stronger this week.


Green Squash

East- Supplies of medium are in short supply this week.  FOB prices are up substantially.
West- Crossings continue at Nogales.  FOB prices much stronger this week.


East- Strong demand causing much higher FOB prices this week.  Quality remains good.
West- Product continues to cross at Nogales.  FOB prices are much higher.  Quality is good.



East- FOB prices are steady to higher.  Quality is good. 
West- FOB prices are steady. Quality is general good.



East- FOB prices are generally steady and quality is generally good.