Market Trends: Week of 30 November 2015

Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!




Rounds- The Palmetto/Ruskin fields continue in full production.  Immokalee fields have also started producing.  The west continues to be forced to come to the east to meet demand.  However, demand continues to be generally weak. FOB prices are steady with downward pressure on 6x6s and 6x7s.  Quality continues to be good.

Romas- Demand is moderate as the west continues to come east to meet demand.  Supplies are better which has caused FOB prices to fall a couple of dollars on all sizes.  Quality in the east is good.

Grapes- FOB prices are generally steady on the 12/1 flats and are down on the bulk.  Quality is good.  

Cherries- Demand is weak.  FOB prices are lower this week.  Quality is good.

Weather forecast- Palmetto/Ruskin- Partly cloudy to sunny skies for the rest of the week with highs near 80 and lows in the low 60s.  Little chance of rain.  Immokalee- Same as Palmetto/Ruskin but skies will see more sun.



Rounds- The West continues to look to Florida to meet their demand for mature greens.  Vine-ripes continue to cross at Otay Mesa, McAllen and Nogales.  Crossings continue to be abnormally light.

Romas- Slightly more supplies are available but volume is still so light that no USDA quote is given and most suppliers are going east to meet demand.

Grapes- We are still seeing a very wide range in quality.  Grapes are crossing at Baja and Nogales with light volume and most repackers are sourcing out of Florida due to pricing and quality issues.

Cherries- Limited supplies continue and there continues to be a wide range of prices due to a wide range of quality.  But like the grape tomatoes, most repackers are sourcing out of Florida due to pricing and quality issues.


Green Bell Pepper

East- Our Immokalee fields are in full production.  FOB prices are generally lower this week on all sizes and grades.
West- FOB prices are lower this week compared to last week on all grades and sizes.


Yellow Squash

East- FOB prices are steady to lower this week on both medium and fancy grades.
West- Crossings continue at Nogales.  FOB prices steady to higher this week.


Green Squash

East- Demand is weak.  FOB prices are steady to lower this week.
West- Crossings continue at Nogales.  FOB prices slightly higher this week.

Beans Green

Supplies out West are finished! The Central Florida market is still firm but expected to come off in price in the next week. Quality is good.


East- Strong demand causing higher FOB prices again this week.
West- Product continues to cross at Nogales.  FOB prices are generally steady.  Quality is good.



East- FOB prices are steady to lower.
West- FOB prices are lower. Quality is general good.



East- No report