Market Trends: Week of 02 Oct 2016



• Rounds- Supplies in the east are even lighter and more fragmented with a wide range in quality and FOB prices.

Demand continues to be weak. Growers are in the beginning of transitioning to the southern growing regions. The VA

eastern shore fields continue to get rain most everyday which is affecting quality and yield. It is also causing harvesting of

those fields to come to an earlier- than-normal end. Growers predict they will be able to harvest out of NC, TN and VA fields

for another 10 days to two weeks with limited volume and variable quality. These fields are also coming to an earlier-thannormal

end due to the extreme heat and rains we have experienced this summer. The Quincy fields have begun to

produce in a very light way but it will not be until around the tenth of October before volume reaches full production out

of those fields. Latest field reports from Quincy indicate average quality for a fall crop. Currently, FOB prices continue to

remain in a narrow range with the price of 6x6s and 6x7s falling slightly while the price of 5x6s remain steady. We expect

tomato prices to continue to remain within a narrow range for another 1-2 weeks.

• Romas- Like the rounds, quality is extremely variable with a wide range in FOB prices corresponding to the quality. FOB

prices are generally steady with downward pressure for all sizes.

• Grapes- FOB prices are steady this week as supply and demand remain in equilibrium. Quality continues to be variable.

• Cherries- Demand has improved this week as the west is extremely short which has caused FOB prices to increase

slightly. Quality and shelf-life continue to be variable.

• Weather forecasts- NC/TN Mountains: Partly cloudy skies and cooler this week with highs in the low to mid 70s and lows

near 50. Little chance of rain until early next week. Western SC: Cooler with highs from the upper 70s to mid-80s. Lows

will be in the 50s. A chance of storms tomorrow and mostly clear after that until early next week. Eastern Shore: Cloudy

with a good chance of rain through Saturday. Highs will be near 80 through Sunday with lows in the 60s. This will be the

last forecast this season for the Eastern Shore. We will begin reporting the forecast for Quincey, FL next week.


• Rounds- Vine-ripes continue to cross primarily at Baja. Supplies should continue to cross until mid-November. Vineripes

are also crossing at McAllen and a limited amount has begun to cross at Nogales. CA mature-green growers continue

to harvest. Supplies are generally light with a wide range in quality and FOB prices. Prices for quality product is down

slightly on the 5x6 and 6x6 sizes and steady on the 6x7 sizes. Prices for the largest sizes crossing from MX is also

generally steady from last week.

• Romas- Supplies continue to come out of Baja and CA with a wide range in FOB prices which correspond to the quality of

the fruit. A few are currently crossing at McAllen. Regardless of quality, FOB prices are down again this week on XL and

medium sizes and generally steady on the large size.

• Grapes- Increased supplies continue to cross mainly out of Baja. FOB prices are down moderately from last week.

• Cherries- Supplies have become extremely tight and prices are up substantially from last week.Due to the lack of

supplies, re-packers are having to go east to meet demand. Quality is fair to good.

Green Bell Pepper

East- Product is more plentiful this week as the southern GA crop has started up. FOB prices are down on all sizes and

grades compared to last week.

West- FOB prices are lower for all grades and sizes. Quality remains good.

Yellow Squash

East- Supplies have improved but are still fragmented as growers continue to harvest from NC, GA and FL. FOB prices are

down on all grades and sizes. Quality in general continues to improve.

West- Crossings have begun at Nogales. Supplies are more plentiful causing FOB prices to be lower this week. Quality is


Green Squash

East- FOB prices are lower this week as more supplies become available. Quality continues to improve.

West- FOB prices are lower this week on all grades and sizes. Crossings at Baja and Nogales. Quality is good.

Green Beans

Bean market East-18-20 . A few starting to come out of GA but are seeing evidence of white fly. Market expected to soften

for rest of this week but will not be surprised if it gets tighter as it becomes evident that volume is down from average due

to the white fly.

West- 26-30 Santa Marie


East- Harvesting has started-up in the south GA fields. FOB prices are down on all grades.

West- Supplies have finally improved. Prices are down this week on all grades and sizes.


East- FOB prices are steady to slightly lower on all sizes and grades. Quality is good.

West- FOB prices have fallen again this week. Quality is good.


East- FOB prices are generally steady this week.


West- FOB price are slightly lower this week. Quality is good.