Market Report: Week of 19 June 2017


June 13, 2017



• Rounds- Eastern tomatoes continue to be sourced from the panhandle of FL, south GA and

the coastal region of SC. Each of the growing regions have received a lot of rain over the past

week with more expected this week, especially in the south GA and FL regions. Quality has

definitely suffered from the rain; however, the quality of tomatoes has held up better than

expected having gone through so much rain. Nevertheless, shelf-life remains suspect and

inventories should be kept as tight as possible. Demand continues to be relatively weak and

FOB prices continue to fall. Expect prices for all sizes to be down around $2 from last week.

Contract pricing for all sizes have fallen below trigger price points and will return to the fixed

contract levels.

• Romas- Romas are the one tomato commodity whose supplies are tight and the market active

and higher. FOB prices are up $4-$6 dollars depending on size. Quality continues to be


• Grapes- Our SC fields continue to produce improving supplies as demand remains weak. FOB

prices are down moderately. Quality remains generally good but becoming more variable.

• Cherries- Supplies have improved and demand remains weak. FOB prices are down again in

the $4 range this week.


• Rounds- Mature green FOB prices are generally steady on all sizes. A few more CA growers

are starting up in a light way with more scheduled to start harvesting later this week. Demand

remains weak. Vine-ripes continue to cross at Baja but very few are crossing at McAllen and

Nogales is practically finished for the season. Demand for vine-ripes is slow.

• Romas- Crossings at both Baja and McAllen have lightened this week. The weather the past

week in Baja has caused a slowdown in growth and harvesting. FOB prices are up off the floor

from last week by over $5 on XL and large sizes. Mediums have not increased as much. We

expect this price spike to be very temporary as the weather has become more favorable and

normal harvesting should return soon.

• Grapes- Supplies have ramped up at Baja and demand continues to be weak which has

caused FOB prices to fall moderately again this week.

• Cherries- Supplies are not as plentiful this week which has caused FOB prices to increase by a

couple of dollars from last week.

NOTE: All the eastern growing regions continue to experience rain in the form of heavy

afternoon thunderstorms. The weather forecast calls for additional rains this week for all

growing regions. This type of weather almost always causes less than ideal quality and

suspect shelf-life. Therefore, we suggest that dry vegetable inventories be kept as tight as

possible until we work through this product.


P r o fi t F r om E x p e r i e n c e

Horizons, LLC

Green Bell Pepper

East- GA continues to be primary producer. FL fields also continue to produce and our eastern

NC fields have just come on-line. The rains have taken a toll on quality. FOB prices have remained

generally steady trading in a narrow range for all sizes and grades.

West- Supplies remain tight but the Bakersfield crop is slowly ramping up. The market remains

active. However, current FOB prices are down slightly from last week.

Red Bell Pepper

West- FOB prices are higher this week and we are expecting an upcoming gap in supplies as

the desert harvest is winding down. This will continue to put upward pressures on prices for the next

week or two.

Yellow Squash

East- Supplies available from GA, SC and NC. FOB prices for both fancy and medium are

higher compared to last week. All three areas have gone through rains and we are concerned about

quality and shelf-life.

West- Supplies have improved. The quality of the Santa Maria product is good. FOB prices

are down from last week.

Green Squash

East- Supplies are available from GA, SC and NC. Prices for both fancy and medium are

down moderately from last week. See note above concerning quality.

West- Various regions continue to harvest green squash. FOB prices are down again this



East- GA fields continue to produce but the rains and old vines make quality suspect. Our new

fields in NC have begun but they have also been hit with rains. FOB prices for supers are generally

down slightly and the price for selects is currently generally steady from last week.

West- Crossings continue at Baja. For all practical purposes, Nogales is finished for the

season. We are seeing upward pressures on FOB prices. Quality is generally good.


East- GA supplies continue. Prices for fancy are down moderately and are steady to down

slightly for choice.

West- Supplies continue from the desert. FOB prices are generally down slightly again this



East- Better supplies out of GA. FOB prices are down slightly again this week.

West- Baja crossings continue. Supplies have tightened putting upward pressures on FOB

prices. The Santa Maria crop is about a week away.


East- GA continues to be the primary growing region. However, quality has become suspect

and variable and supplies are very short. FOB prices are up over $10 from last week.

West- The weather has not cooperated and supplies are very light. FOB prices have not

jumped as much as in the east but are still up around $5 from last week. We expect supplies to

remain light until the end of June.

• Eastern Growing Region(s) Weather Forecast:

• Western Growing Region(s) Weather Forecast:

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Market generally with-in normal ranges and steady from last week for both pricing and quality. Any price changes

can be expected to be $1.50 or less with no major changes in quality. Also, no change in the growing region(s) and no

news that could drastically affect pricing in the future.

Some news included concerning the market that may indicate a moderate change in pricing and/or quality. FOB

pricing is generally up or down between $1.50 and $5.00 from the previous week. It will also be used to indicate news

that may have a drastic impact on the price, quality and/or availability in future weeks (versus the following week). Finally,

this color will also be used to indicate a commodity that continues to be outside the normal range as far as price, quality

and/or availability.

News included that indicates a major change in the market from the previous week as far as pricing, quality and/

or availability. May see price changes, up or down, in excess of $5.00 per case. This color will only be used to indicate a

major change from the previous week.

 Important note: This market report is only a snapshot of the various commodity markets as of the morning of the date of

the report. When we expect a trend to develop, we will express that expectation. However, commodity markets are

subject to actual supply and demand levels and can change quickly due to weather and other unforeseen factors.

Therefore, please be aware that markets may change from the time this report is published and the time prices are set for

the following week. If such changes are dramatic, we will publish a revised market report.