Market Report: Week of 26 June 2017


June 20, 2017



• Rounds- The South Carolina crop is harvesting at full speed while northern Florida and

southern Georgia wrap up. An abundance of rain in the FL and GA region has resulted in an

earlier than normal end date. Overall quality is holding up better than expected taking into

account the amount of rainfall the growing regions have seen. However, shelf life continues to

remains suspect, therefore, inventories are recommended to stay tight. Good supplies from our

coastal SC farms has resulted in FOB prices for all sizes to fall approximately $3.00 from last

week. Our North Carolina and western South Carolina crop should begin in about 2-3 weeks.

• Romas- Romas continue to be the only tomato commodity to remain tight through next week.

The FOB prices are up a few dollars for medium and large while extra large remain relatively

flat. Quality, like rounds, has held up better than expected. Supplies are not expected to

improve for another few weeks.

• Grapes- Our South Carolina supplies are plentiful. Quality is still good, again, considering the

amount of rainfall.

• Cherries- Demand continues to be weak. FOB prices are up a couple of dollars from last week

and quality is generally good.


• Rounds- As CA ramps up, temperatures are on the rise as well. The forecast is calling for 100+

degree temperatures over the next week (see forecast on last page). Tender fruit was initially

apparent due to the high temperatures, however, we are currently seeing an overall

improvement recently. We will see if the improvement can hold during the next round of

extreme temperatures. FOB prices have fallen about $6.00 on all sizes in the west.

• Romas- Romas will remain tight for about another week until the CA crop begins. Prices are

generally flat currently, however, are expected to fall once CA is able to harvest and ship.

• Grapes- Baja supplies are plentiful and demand remains weak. This is resulting in FOB prices

to have fallen near suspension agreement minimums.

• Cherries- Although prices are stable, supplies are still very limited out of the western region

due to the few number of growers.

NOTE: All the eastern growing regions continue to experience rain in the form of heavy

afternoon thunderstorms. The weather forecast calls for additional rains this week for all

growing regions. This type of weather almost always causes less than ideal quality and

suspect shelf-life. Therefore, we suggest that dry vegetable inventories be kept as tight as

possible until we work through this product.


P r o fi t F r om E x p e r i e n c e

Horizons, LLC

Green Bell Pepper

East- NC crop is in full production. GA crops are presenting lower FOB prices; however, this

directly corresponds to the quality the region is producing. Quality defects are becoming more and

more apparent due to the ample rains. Some eastern suppliers are turning to the west to meet

demand due to the eastern quality imperfections. FOB prices are steady for all sizes with some

downward pressure.

West- FOB prices are slightly down as Bakersfield continues to harvest. Although

temperatures are high in the region, quality is still good at this time.

Red Bell Pepper

West- As previously reported, the western FOB prices are high due to a short supply gap.

Prices are anticipated to remain higher than usual for about another week or so until the supply gap


Yellow Squash

East- FOB prices are generally steady with slight downward pressures on both grades.

Supplies are available from the GA, SC, and NC regions.

West- Supplies are strong as we head into next week. Quality is good and FOB prices are

down sharply.

Green Squash

East- Supplies are available from GA, SC and NC. Prices are currently down slightly from last


West-. Various regions continue in full production. Quality continues to be good and FOB

prices are down moderately.


East- GA and NC fields have been hit extremely hard with heavy rains, resulting in some

quality issues and shorter shelf life. FOB prices, despite quality concerns, remain steady. The new NJ

product demands slightly higher prices than the older more southern fields.

West- Demand for Baja supplies remains light. FOB prices are down slightly this week. We

expect supplies to improve which will put additional downward pressure on prices.


East- GA remains as the core supplier. FOB prices are up slightly.

West- Desert supplies are almost finished while Fresno has not started yet. FOB prices are

generally steady, but downward pressure is expected when Fresno starts up.


East- FOB prices are steady to up slightly with supplies coming from the GA region.

West- Supplies remain slightly limited as we wait for the Santa Maria crop to begin. Prices are

steady as we head into next week.


East- FOB prices are up again as rain takes a toll on the crop. GA, TN and eastern NC are the

sourcing regions and all have been hit with rains. Supplies are very short.

West- Supplies are still very light going into next week and prices are up once again. Prices

and supplies are not expected to see relief until the end of June.

• Eastern Growing Region(s) Weather Forecast:

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• Western Growing Region(s) Weather Forecast:

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Code to Color Alerts:

Market generally with-in normal ranges and steady from last week for both pricing and quality. Any price changes

can be expected to be $1.50 or less with no major changes in quality. Also, no change in the growing region(s) and no

news that could drastically affect pricing in the future.

Some news included concerning the market that may indicate a moderate change in pricing and/or quality. FOB

pricing is generally up or down between $1.50 and $5.00 from the previous week. It will also be used to indicate news

that may have a drastic impact on the price, quality and/or availability in future weeks (versus the following week). Finally,

this color will also be used to indicate a commodity that continues to be outside the normal range as far as price, quality

and/or availability.

News included that indicates a major change in the market from the previous week as far as pricing, quality and/

or availability. May see price changes, up or down, in excess of $5.00 per case. This color will only be used to indicate a

major change from the previous week.

 Important note: This market report is only a snapshot of the various commodity markets as of the morning of the date of

the report. When we expect a trend to develop, we will express that expectation. However, commodity markets are

subject to actual supply and demand levels and can change quickly due to weather and other unforeseen factors.

Therefore, please be aware that markets may change from the time this report is published and the time prices are set for

the following week. If such changes are dramatic, we will publish a revised market report.