Market Report: June 27, 2017


(Note: See end of report for explanation to the color codes)




 •    Rounds- Florida and Georgia crops have completely ended due to rainfall. Our South Carolina coastal crop continues to harvest a healthy supply. As we move along the east coast harvest, Tennessee, North Carolina, and western South Carolina are looking to start harvesting in about two weeks. Quality remains good coming from the east; however, shelf life remains uncertain due to the rain. The good supplies coming from SC has resulted in FOB prices to decrease around $1.00.

 •    Romas- Once again, romas are the only tomato commodity that is experiencing a tight market. Tennessee is expecting to start their harvest within the next week. Extra-large and large size prices remain unchanged while mediums are up about $2.00.

 •   Grapes- Supplies continue to be bountiful coming from our South Carolina farms. Quality is good and FOB prices are slightly up.

 •    Cherries- Demand remains weak. FOB prices are down for next week due to the lack of demand. Quality is still proving to be good.


 •   Rounds- California is moving full steam ahead with their harvest and the lower FOB prices are reflective of the ample supplies. Extra-large rounds are down about $2.00 while large and medium sizes have fallen about $1.50. As reported last week, a massive heat wave moved through the western region. Temperatures reached over 100 degrees for over a week and weather reports are still calling for more heat moving into next week. This heat wave is showing its strength as a direct result of the quality of the fruit. Tenderness is very apparent. Inventories are recommended to be kept as tight as possible.

  •   Romas- FOB prices from Baja remain steady from last week. Prices at McAllen crossing are little stronger this week. We expect better supplies in the next week or two which should start to put downward pressure on FOBs.

  •   Grapes- Although supplies are plentiful from the Baja region, some quality concerns are becoming apparent. We are seeing a wider than normal range in FOB prices which corresponds to the wide range we are seeing in quality. FOB prices are up as demand moves to higher priced grapes for more reliable quality.

  •   Cherries- Prices remain unchanged as supply and demand remain in equilibrium. There continues to be a limited amount of growers in the region.





All the eastern growing regions continue to experience rain in the form of heavy afternoon thunderstorms. The weather forecast calls for additional rains this week for all growing regions. This type of weather almost always causes less than ideal quality and suspect shelf- life. Therefore, we suggest that dry vegetable inventories be kept as tight as possible until we work through this product.


Green Bell Pepper

         East- NC crop continues their seasonal harvest. Quality is reasonably good coming from this area. FOB prices are somewhat down on large and choice while jumbo and extra-large remain steady. GA continues to harvest product that has gone through a lot of rain. This product is bringing lower FOB prices, but quality is generally unacceptable.

         West- FOB prices are steady as Bakersfield continues to harvest. Quality remains good from this area. Fresno is looking to start harvesting in about 10-14 days.


Red Bell Pepper

         West- The west is still experiencing a supply gap. As a result, FOB prices have risen once again. This gap is anticipated to carry on yet another week.


Yellow Squash

East- Lower FOB prices are reflecting the strong supplies coming from NJ, SC, and NC areas. West- Harvests are producing solid supplies and quality. FOB prices are down once again.


Green Squash

         East- Prices are fairly steady as the crop carries on from NJ, SC, and NC. Quality is somewhat improving, however the crop has gone through a great deal of rain. Therefore, we recommend to continue keeping inventories tight.

         West-. Various regions continue in full production. Quality continues to be good and FOB prices are down subtly.



         East- GA has completed their summer crop. NC is coming up with short supplies as well as subject quality shown mostly in the form of short shelf life due to heavy rains. The east is looking to NJ and MI to fill the supply chain.

         West- Demand for Baja supplies remains light; however, FOB prices are slightly up due to a lower yield.



East- GA eggplant is abundant therefore FOB prices are descending.

West- While the desert crop is complete, Fresno starts just in time. FOB prices are up a few dollars. Stockton is about two weeks out from beginning their summer harvest.


East- FOB prices remain relatively unchanged. GA crop is still going strong.

West- Nogales crop has finished. Santa Maria and Baja have begun but plantings are lighter than previous years. FOB prices are slightly up.



         East- Supply in the east is still extremely short. FOB prices have jumped up significantly again. GA, TN and eastern NC continue to battle the rainfall.

         West- Supplies are still snug, but FOBs have fallen a small amount. Eastern Washington is looking to start harvesting next week.


         Market generally with-in normal ranges and steady from last week for both pricing and quality. Any price changes can be expected to be $1.50 or less with no major changes in quality. Also, no change in the growing region(s) and no news that could drastically affect pricing in the future.


         Some news included concerning the market that may indicate a moderate change in pricing and/or quality. FOB pricing is generally up or down between $1.50 and $5.00 from the previous week.  It will also be used to indicate news that may have a drastic impact on the price, quality and/or availability in future weeks (versus the following week). Finally, this color will also be used to indicate a commodity that continues to be outside the normal range as far as price, quality and/or availability.


         News included that indicates a major change in the market from the previous week as far as pricing, quality and/ or availability. May see price changes, up or down, in excess of $5.00 per case. This color will only be used to indicate a major change from the previous week.


Important note: This market report is only a snapshot of the various commodity markets as of the morning of the date of the report. When we expect a trend to develop, we will express that expectation.  However, commodity markets are subject to actual supply and demand levels and can change quickly due to weather and other unforeseen factors.

Therefore, please be aware that markets may change from the time this report is published and the time prices are set for the following week.  If such changes are dramatic, we will publish a revised market report.